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Hi! I’m Amanda.

💁🏻‍♀️ A little about me…

I’m the Marketing Architect at audience research startup, SparkToro. It’s an unusual title with an unusual backstory.

But marketing is my third career. I was previously a journalist and a test kitchen cook.

I’m the mom of a toddler. I work full-time and I tag-team with my husband on childcare.

🎓 Previously…

I led marketing for one of the best SEO and content creation agencies — Growth Machine. I grew the Growth Machine Marketing podcast to 20k+ downloads, launched the YouTube channel, and maintained a 30% open rate for the email newsletter.

Prior to that, I helped build Fitbit’s B2B marketing team, where we sold fitness trackers and corporate wellness software. I started Fitbit Health Solutions‘ content marketing program from scratch, and led the press announcement for Fitbit’s HIPAA-compliant capabilities.

My professional career started in journalism. I was the editorial producer for digital media & tech news site, which was later acquired by Gigaom. Along the way, I realized a passion for food and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu. Upon graduation, I worked at the Los Angeles Times’ test kitchen.

❤️ I love…

Improving my mental fitness.

Balancing my grocery budget.

Being more inclusive.

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