My Work

Amanda Natividad, Host of the Growth Machine Marketing Podcast

I’m the Marketing Architect at audience research startup, SparkToro. It’s an unusual title with an unusual backstory.

Previously, I was the Head of Marketing for Growth Machine. I grew the podcast to 20k+ downloads, launched the YouTube channel, and maintained a 30% open rate for the email newsletter.

Prior to that, I helped build Fitbit’s B2B marketing team, where we sold fitness trackers and corporate wellness software. I started Fitbit Health Solutions‘ content marketing program from scratch, and led the press announcement for Fitbit’s HIPAA-compliant capabilities.

My marketing experience spans about eight years across DTC, B2B, and B2C. I’ve worked at a food startup, a tech company, and a ski company, but the through line is a focus on overall wellness.

My professional career started in journalism. I was the editorial producer for digital media & tech news site, which was later acquired by Gigaom. Along the way, I realized a passion for food and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu. Upon graduation, I worked at the Los Angeles Times’ test kitchen.

Guest Appearances

  • Top of Mind: On my friend Stew Hillhouse’s show, he threw me a fun curve ball where he asked what test kitchens and content marketing have in common.
  • How Did You Learn That? I joined Andrew Barry’s podcast where I dished on my career, from journalism, to test kitchen life, to content marketing. Andrew’s previous guests include Ali Abdaal, Sahil Bloom, Marie Poulin, and many more.
  • Growth Marketing Today: On Ramli John’s podcast, I talked about how I got Growth Machine’s email open rate as high as 40%.
  • Compound Writing: I led a brainstorm session on content distribution for Stew Fortier’s writing community. It’s a casual conversation with a bunch of really talented writers, and I talk about creating on LinkedIn, repurposing content as a means of distribution, and sharing in online communities.

Published Writing

Guest Spots?

I’m always eager to meet other marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs. If you’d like to work together by having me join your podcast, co-host a webinar, or write a guest article for you, feel free to DM me.

Here are several topics I enjoy discussing:

  • Content marketing. Any and everything about content. When your business needs content marketing, what skills to look for in a content marketer, how there‚Äôs more to content marketing than SEO.
  • Building online communities. Creating communities from soup to nuts, and leveraging them as content and product marketing channels.
  • Product advisory board. Online communities are the new advisory boards. Why your business/marketing team needs a PAB, and why you need one for your own professional development.
  • PR is more substantive than you give it credit for. Not every business needs to prioritize PR, but when you do, you need to do it right. Good PR means owning your press narrative.
  • Email and audience segmentation. Digging deep into understanding your audience and doing your email program right.
  • Team management. How you manage up and down, how to bring out the best in your team.
  • Career advice. Pivoting into new jobs or industries. Positioning your experience as your superpower for the job you want next.
  • Miscellaneous: My past lives as a journalist, cook, and corporate marketer. Cooking advice. ESPP programs. Life in San Francisco. My 33-hour labor. Why I thought my brother’s best friend was a robot.

My Marketing Rolodex

I hear of interesting opportunities all the time. From speaking slots to job opportunities, and networking conversations to co-creating opportunities.

I’d love to open these up to more people, but I do a terrible job of keeping track. If you want to be on my list of top-of-mind people, fill out my Airtable form to join.